Anyapahk: Chumash Inspired Modern Hair

Anyapahk: Chumash Inspired Modern Hair
30.1.2016 Neuma Admin

NEUMA Beauty’s Anyapahk Collection embodies the idea that ancient the tribal fashions of the Native Americans are still behind today’s modern hair and fashion trends. Inspired by Chumash culture and modern designers like Free People, Anyapahk bonds current hair trends with intricate basket weaving and braiding techniques on all hair textures. Anyapahk is the Chumash word for mirage, and symbolizes the objectivity of beauty. Native Americans were also the originators of living organic and sustainable lifestyles, which NEUMA strives to mirror through their core values.

Bold and fearless texture combine with detailed hand crafted techniques creates a tailor-made, near perfect modern style. Serving as the foundation of the Signature Looks are the hand crafted braids, basket weaving, and knotting techniques that express the pride and value women should take in their hair.

“We were inspired by Chumash Native Americans, who were known for their ability to weave a basket so tight it could carry water. The detail, the time, and the perfection is a lost art in creating hairstyles,” says Chad Law, Education Director at NEUMA. “Anyapahk acts as a reminder that ancient practices are still the foundation for everything we create in fashion and beauty.”

Spreading a message of intricate custom styles and native American culture marries NEUMA’s impactful products with free flowing fashion forward styles for a hair statement that speaks to a more detailed and hand crafted look for the on the go client. Contact us for signature looks in High Resolution format.