Braided Mohawk (STEP BY STEP : WITH NEUMA Regional DESIGNER, Andrea Maclean)

Braided Mohawk (STEP BY STEP : WITH NEUMA Regional DESIGNER, Andrea Maclean)
30.1.2016 Neuma Admin

Love Selena Gomez’s hair? We Do!

NEUMA Regional Designer, Andrea Maclean, walks you through getting this look at home!

Step by Step: Braided Mohawk

  1. Prepare hair by using the appropriate NEUMA shampoo and conditioner, for medium textured, thick hair like Selena use neuMoistureTM shampoo and neuMoisture condition.
  2. Start preparing the hair by applying neuStylingTM mousse by using finger tips to top of head at the roots for added volume. Next, liberally spray neuVolumeTM blow out mist throughout mids and ends, finally add neuStyling smoothing creme to ends and around hairline for smoothness.
  3. Blow dry hair using a round brush for maximum volume. Smooth out any wild hair around hairline.
  4. Back comb bang area to desired height – pull it back to an inch in front of the apex of the head and secure it by cross hatching bobby pins.
  5. Next, using a small grooming brush, slick back sides of hair all the way to the nape and secure the hair into a Mohawk using 2″ strong bobby pins.
  6. Smooth any stray hairs by spraying neuControlTM medium and smooth down hair using the side of the can.
  7. Braid the Mohawk using an inverted 3 strand braid down the head and secure 2 1/2 inches from the ends. Spray the braid with neuControlTM medium.
  8. 8. Starting at the bottom of the braid, pull the braid apart little by little, moving up the head.

Using hairpins or bobby pins secure loose areas of the braid down the sides – being sure to cover the 2″ pins used to create the Mohawk.