Knotted Hawk (with NEUMA National Designer, Kristan Sayers)

Knotted Hawk (with NEUMA National Designer, Kristan Sayers)
30.1.2016 Neuma Admin

Step By Step:  KNOTTED HAWK with NEUMA National Artist Kristan Sayers

  1. Wash hair with neuVolume Shampoo and Conditioner.
  2. Use 2 pumps neuSmoothing Cream and 2 pumps neuStyling blowdry Lotion and blow dry hair using fingers to create a tousled look.
  3. Work into hair the neuSurf Lotion to create texture and softly curl hair with a 1.5″ curling iron if hair needs more texture. On mohawk section, bump the base with a 2″ iron for added volume.
  4. Tease top mohawk section lightly for added volume and tie into a knot.
  5. Using the end of the hair, grab another section working back towards crown and continue tying knots and connecting hair staying above parietal ridge and at the crown secure with a bobby pin.
  6. Under parietal divide hair in 2 sections using a zig zag part line. Twist hair back and pin to previous sections at the crown. Do the same on the opposite side of the head.
  7. Starting at the crown and staying in the mohawk section, work down the head twisting hair left to right and lock each side by twisting hair in the opposite direction.
  8. When reaching the nape, twist remaining hair and secure with a pin.
  9. Finish by spraying entire head with the neuIncontrol Medium hairspray for a soft messy look.