Messy Pomp (Step by Step : with NEUMA National Designer, Jin Bang)

Messy Pomp (Step by Step : with NEUMA National Designer, Jin Bang)
30.1.2016 Neuma Admin

Love Amber Heard’s hair from The Golden Globes Awards?

We Do! NEUMA national designer, Jin Bang, walks you through getting this look at home!

Step by Step:   Messy Pomp

  1. Know what kind of hair your working with.  Amber Heard has medium texture with a little frizz and wave which makes the perfect texture for this style updo.
  2. On wet hair use neuStyling mousse on roots only, around front hairline and top/round of the head. Then use neuVolume blow out mist from mid shaft to ends. Combine neuStyling smoothing cream with 4 drops of neuRepair argan Oil, apply cocktail mix for moisture and hair density expansion on ends as well. Then blow dry hair.
  3. Using a 1 inch to 1.5 inch Marcel curing iron, spray neuControl medium spray from roots to ends. Then curl hair. Set with flat pins using classic perm sections.
  4. Once hair is all pinned up, let hair sit in pin curl set until hair cools off.
  5. Using the art of a “visual tease”, start at hair line and tease with strong volume. As you work back to top of the hair line at the bottom, use less volume.
  6. Use a hair tie or rubber band, section off back of hair and make a loose bun leaving ends of hair frazzled and out for a soft loose effect. Connect all parts of the hair, starting with mid to low areas near front of hair line, connecting front hair line last. Use French pins only, not English pins, so connections are soft and natural.
  7. After hair is in place, spray neuControl hairspray (non aerosol) or neuControl firm.

Finish with neuSmooth illuminating mist for shine.  NEUMA products used for this look:
neuStyling mousse
neuVolume blow out mist
neuStyling smoothing cream
neuRepair argan Oil
neuControl medium spray
neuControl hairspray (non aerosol)
neuControl firm
neuSmooth illuminating mist for shine

Jin Bang –
“if you know the hair you’re working with, there is the perfect NEUMA product to help you achieve your end result.”

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