Post-Summer Hair Care Tips From the Pros

Post-Summer Hair Care Tips From the Pros
6.10.2016 Neuma Admin
Post-Summer Hair Care Tips

1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

Post-Summer Hair Care Tips - neuMoisture Intensive MasqueAfter a summer of harmful sun, chlorine, and saltwater damage, it’s important to re-hydrate those frazzled tresses. Using a super-moisturizing weekly hair masque, like NEUMA’s neuMoisture Intensive Masque, can help replenish dry and frizzy locks.


2. Try a volumizing shampoo.

You can add fullness to your hair without sacrificing smoothness. Try a volumizing shampoo and conditioner combo, like the neuVolume shampoo and conditioner, to achieve this effect.

„Whether you want mega volume or to just feel light starting your day, the neuVolume shampoo is a great choice. Use the mandala as your suggested amount, emulsify in hands and distribute evenly through the hair at your scalp,“ Gina Scipione, member of the NEUMA Regional Design Team, shares with us.


3. Don’t be afraid to mix products.

„I really like mixing the neuStyling Pomade and the neuStyling Clay together for a semi-glossy shine with amazing all day maneuverable hold,“ Rev. Billy Simmons tells us.


4. Pay attention to technique.

Post-Summer Hair Care Tips - neuStyling Clay Post-Summer Hair Care Tips - neuStyling Pomade
Be sure to emulsify and distribute products evenly on your scalp. Rub in circular motions with the pads of your fingers, not your nails, to stimulate and strengthen hair follicles.


5. Be aware of product ingredients.

„Unlike old fashioned volumizing shampoos, the neuVolume shampoo hydrates your hair while unlocking its potential volume. With the perfect blend of Shea butter and Coconut fruit extract, your hair will love you!“ Gina continues.


6. Products penetrate more evenly when hair isn’t soaking wet.

„Wring hair, or towel dry before applying an amount ponytail down, and then use a wet brush to distribute product evenly for best saturation and to reduce waste of product,“ Ab McDonald, Director of Online Education and Social Media at NEUMA, shares.

„When water is present, product cannot penetrate correctly when it comes to masques and conditioners. [With] other masques, you need 15 minutes [for them to penetrate]. With NEUMA, you need two to three. I love to use for 5 for best results,“ she continues.


7. Make sure to use heat protectant products while traveling.

„I have been using the [neuStyling] blow dry lotion a lot in my travels, [whether] I’ve been camping and salmon fishing in Michigan, [or] at a beach in Florida,“ Jesi Hilts, SW Regional Design Team Member for NEUMA, tells us.

„The blow dry lotion has been my life saver, and since I’ve been so active I haven’t been [needing to get] really done up,“ she explains.


8. Opt for rich products that can double up as travel go-tos.

„My travel go-to’s: the neuMoisture shampoo and conditioner. I love the richness of these two products. I don’t have to use a lot, less than a quarter size in my palm of the neuMoisture shampoo and same for the conditioner!“ Jesi continues.
„After I towel dry my hair I use about a quarter size of the blow dry lotion in my hands, evenly distribute and blow dry,“ she says. „I love this product because it helps to dry my hair fast, it imparts incredible shine and when I round brush it fights the humidity at the beach all day. I’ve even thrown curls into it when we are headed out to dinner and it lasts until I wash again!“


9. Sometimes less is more.

Post-Summer Hair Care Tips - Less is More
„This is seriously all I use and it all came together in a super cute travel pack small enough that I can just grab my ‚personal item‘ throw it in and I’m right on the plane. Travel can be stressful but thanks to these products it’s super easy,“ she finishes.


10. Smooth on a little pomade to stave off winter static.

„The neuStyling Pomade makes my winter a little better because of just how staticky my hair gets. Before you throw on your hat and scarf be sure to run a dab of the neuStyling pomade through your beautiful locks from mid-lengths to ends,“ Gina is sure to tell us.

„Always be sure to start with a little and spread the product evenly through your palms or fingertips,“ she shares.


11. Use multipurpose hair products.

„The neuMoisture shampoo and conditioner are amazing for smoothing and moisturizing dry hair without OVER moisturizing and making the hair feel ‚greasy‘ at the end of the day,“ Rev. Billy Simmons explains to us.

„As you use NEUMA products like neuMoisture shampoo and conditioner and life changes happen, like a new baby (our Niece Livi) you discover that these products are also an amazing baby body wash/conditioner and body moisturizer after bathing, multi purpose, always cool.“


12. Using the right products will help your style last longer.

„I like to use the neuStyling blow dry lotion after I shampoo and towel dry before curling or blowing out to really hold the curl without making it feel tacky or as if you have a bunch of stuff in your hair. It gives a really natural all day hold boost,“ Rev. Billy finishes.


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