The Truth About Buying Product from Your Salon

The Truth About Buying Product from Your Salon
30.1.2016 Neuma Admin

Many of us have seen recent news “studies” that claim all shampoo’s are the same, or the ads on television that tell us that a $6.00 product at CVS is just as good as a $25.00 bottle on salon shelves. Some companies go as far as employing top professional hairdressers, or using household names such as Vidal Sassoon to convince consumers the product widely available in mass retailers is “just as good.”

With so much media telling us that the cost of beauty products has zero impact on the quality- it makes it very difficult to make a informed decision on where and how you should spend your hard earned money.

Let me first of all dispel the myth for once and for all— most of time, cost and quality do not go hand in hand. The more you pay doesn’t always mean the better the product and vise versa. Rather than fixating on cost we believe the key is to understand why?
In today’s business of beauty, 97% of the products on the salon shelves are made by the same large companies that produce the products on pharmacy shelves. This is why when so many “expensive” salon products are analyzed they are the same as what exists with mass retailers. Essentially, it is the same formula, only marketed in a completely different way.

Another reason why these companies can get away with claiming their mass retail products are “professional” quality or “salon” approved is simply that those same companies set that standard as they are producing both products.

The real question comes down to, what about the other 3%? What about the companies that are not in the business of marketing, and that are really trying to provide the HIGHEST quality product at the lowest possible price. Why purchase those products from the salons?

I think it boils down to the same reason why you prefer to buy produce at a farmers market versus a mass grocer? It is better for you, and you can clearly see the difference. Just as that local produce is only available through the farmers market, the best quality products are only available through your salons.

Learning the truth about whether or not to purchase a product in the salon has nothing to do with what that product does, or what it says on the bottle. It’s about understanding where that product comes from and the company that is making it. In other words- is this really what it says it is, or is this just herbal essences in a fancy package for 5 times the price?

Your hairdresser should really understand that, and be able to guide you in the right direction. In this new economy, the way we spend our money revolves around education and understanding—it should not stop in the salons.Although the majority may be questionable, there is always a small majority doing the right thing and providing something from you that will not only improve the way you look but also the way you feel.

In short, the truth about buying product from the salon is very simple. Just like everything else, it requires research and an understanding of what you are buying and where it comes from before you dole out the cash.

Action: Read. Research. Review all of your current beauty products.